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Welcome to Aachen – The place to start your business and collæb with innovative minds

What we have to offer

Network – find all relevant shakeholders in one place
Matchmaking – meet like-minded people and make lasting connections
Community – represent your startup and find your first customer or investor
Support – obtain support & receive access to resources to nutrue your startup idea
Events – meet the startup scene of Europe’s leading tech incubator
Talent – stay close to deep-tech innovations changing the world

For founders & startups

You are thinking of founding or already actively working on a project? – Great, we are here to support you!


Participate in our flagship events in the region Benefit from our customized programs and services Meet and grow your future team Meet and grow your future team

For corporates

You are looking for innovative solutions for your business or start-ups to collæborate with? – Reach out to us to see how we can connect you with the ones who are shaping the future


Engage with Europe’s leading tech ventures Transfer world-class research and IP to your institution Meet the tech talent of tomorrow and co-locate


For Investors

You are interested in exploring the Aachen startup ecosystem and connect with thrilling startups and exceptional people? – We are happy to connect you with teams that are already investment-ready, or give you the chance to hear about the latest revelations from our teams


Obtain personalized access to Europe’s leading tech ventures Participate in regular networking, pitch and flagship events Connect to knowledge experts and academic institutes

Hotspot for technology

Aachen is a place where the future of our industrialized world is thought out. The Universities in the city are proving to be a hotspot with increasing international recognition where innovative answers to global challenges are developed. Over the course of the last years Aachen became not only a world renowned place for research institutions, but also one of Germanys most flourishing start-up ecosystems. No matter the discipline, Aachen offers great conditions to start and scale your business

Exceptional talent

More than 20% of Aachen’s population are students. With over 50.000 bright minds, the city is a great pool of talent for all types of challenges our society is facing. Students and researchers from RWTH Aachen und FH Aachen have a proven track record of innovative solutions that improve the live of million people around the glove. Backed by the universities and their talent, Aachen especially became a great place to drive technology based innovation to the next level

Vibrant startup community

We share the same passion for deep-tech, innovation, and entrepreneurship. As a well-connected community, we know the right people who can help with your specific problem; no matter whether it is about your business model, your visa or the next investment. Together, we want to pave the way for one of Europe‘s leading tech incubator to play an integral part in solving the problems of our time.

Meet Aachen´s collaeborators

digitalHUB Aachen
digitalHUB Aachen
digitalHUB Aachen

As part of the „Digital Economy NRW“ initiative by the Ministry of Economic Affairs of North Rhine-Westphalia, the digitalHUB Aachen brings together digital startups and IT SMEs with established companies in the digitalCHURCH to jointly develop and realize new digital business models. For startups, the digitalHUB offers not only co-working in the digitalCHURCH and targeted matching, but also coaching and training and a special incubation program.

Contact Details:

Mukunthan Nadarajah
E-Mail: mukunthan.nadarajah@hubaachen.de

RWTH Innovation
RWTH Innovation
RWTH Innovation

RWTH Innovation is the central contact point for all entrepreneurship activities at RWTH Aachen University and a merger of the RWTH Innovation GmbH (subsidiary for technology transfer) and the Entrepreneurship Center within the Chair of Economics for Engineers and Scientists (WIN). Supported by the „Exzellenz Start-up Center.NRW“ and „EXIST-Potentiale“ initiatives, RWTH Innovation advises and supports those interested in founding a company and turning innovative ideas into viable business models. With more than 30 experienced startup coaches, we mobilize, enable and support entrepreneurs on their journey.

Contact Details:

Christina Mertsch
E-Mail: christina.mertsch@rwth-innovation.de


A.CE Aachener Entrepreneurship Team e.V. (student initiative) is a community of founders, students and young professionals with the goal to strengthen the startup culture in Aachen. We empower students to develop, implement and grow their ideas.

That’s why we organize workshops, to impart startup relevant knowledge, projects to put this knowledge into practice, and events by and for founders and those interested in starting a business. No idea should remain unspoken!

Contact Details:

Frederik Wolff
E-Mail: frederik.wolff@ac-e.org

GründerRegion Aachen
GründerRegion Aachen
GründerRegion Aachen

Since 1999, 14 supporting institutions from the field of economic development have formed the GründerRegion Aachen, Düren, Euskirchen, Heinsberg. As the central point of contact, the GründerRegion bundles regional activities in the field of start-up support and supports founders from all sectors on their way to entrepreneurial independence and entrepreneurs in their growth. It raises awareness of the subject of entrepreneurship.

Contact Details:

Peter Kampmeier
E-Mail: Peter.Kampmeier@aachen.ihk.de

FH Aachen
FH Aachen
FH Aachen

FH Aachen offers its students a first-rate course of study that superbly prepares them for jobs in modern and trendsetting professions. In line with market requirements, more than 90 Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes aren’t just offered as full-time courses of study, but also as dual study programmes.

Contact Details:

Johannes König
E-Mail: koenig@fh-aachen.de

Collective Incubator
Collective Incubator
Collective Incubator

We are part one of Europe’s largest tech incubator at RWTH Aachen University. We merge students, researchers and companies to collaborate and to create new projects and businesses.

We implement founding a start-up as part of university curricula. We offer to the start-up ecosystem in Aachen co-working facilities, meeting rooms, event spaces, a broad community, student talent, matchmaking of all stakeholders and – soon! – a one-stop shop workshop floor.

Contact Details:

Kristin Röhling
E-Mail: kroehling@collective-incubator.de

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Upcoming Events

29. Oct
Stage Two
12. Nov
ATEC | Aachen Technology and Entrepreneurship Congress
26. Nov
Legal office hour with Orrick
14. Dec
SPECIAL – Gründer:innen Stammtisch meets Christmas Party

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